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Workshops & Trainings

For organizations and families of all shapes and sizes

Book one of Julie's signature workshops or collaborate bespoke training to elevate your work with young people

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Artist and Organization Workshops

For Artists & Organizations

Gain robust tools and playful approaches for engaging young people and families in the cultural sector.

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The Kids Are Alright: Empowering Youth Leadership in Your Organization

Directing Techniques for Immersive and Participatory Theatre

We Are All Experts: Developing New Work For and With Young People

Build Your Own

caregivers and teachers
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For Caregivers & Teachers

Practical skills to liven your teaching or parenting style with play, collaboration, and creativity.

Oh No, Not Pretend! A Parents’ Guide to Play

Immersive Drama Techniques for the Classroom

Anarchist Parenting:
Empowered Caregivers, Empowered Kids

Build Your Own

Kids are Alright
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The Kids Are Alright: Empowering Youth Leadership in Your Organization

Youth leadership is essential to the long-term success of any cultural organization. Young people bring fresh perspectives while ensuring our work is relevant and innovative. Delve into strategies and best practices that empower young minds to actively participate in shaping the creative future of your organization. Through interactive sessions, gain valuable insights on building meaningful connections, fostering leadership, and creating a vibrant arts community that resonates with the next generation

directing techniques
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Directing Techniques for Immersive & Participatory Theatre

The future of theatre is interactive, but conventional artist training is still stuck behind the fourth wall. Get up close and personal as Julie shares her innovative techniques for creating immersive experiences that blur the lines between performer and audience. Gain tools to bring into your directing process, including the craft of the audience invitation, how to collaborate with designers, and staging beyond the proscenium.

we are all experts

We are All Experts: Developing New Work For and With Young People

What can community development, neuroscience, game design, and Ratatouille teach us about creating and supporting new work? Despite TYA’s broad range of forms, our development processes are still largely driven by the reading/workshop model. In this highly participatory session, you’ll explore new ways to radically reinvent your new work development processes, all while including community, getting more relevant feedback, building enthusiasm for risky ideas, and finding more joy in the creative process.

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Pretend Workshop
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Oh no! Not Pretend:
A Parents' Guide to Play

Do you ever dread the question, “Will you play with me?” (Let’s face it: playtime can be boring.) Or maybe you’ve watched Bluey and thought “No f***ing way those parents have that much energy.” Then this is the workshop for you! You’ll learn practical tips, creative games, and strategies to make playtime fun and easy.  Embark on a playful journey that will strengthen your parent-child bond and make playtime a joyful experience …for both of you.

Drama Technique for te Classroom
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The future of theatre is interactive, but drama class is still stuck behind the fourth wall. Immersive drama techniques provide a crucial outlet for even the most hesitant theatre students, creating an environment where young people of all abilities can shine. You'll leave this workshop with a robust toolkit to reimagine what theatre in the classroom can be, tried and tested over Julie's fifteen years of professional experience

Immersive Drama Techniques for the Classroom

Anarchist Parenting
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Anarchist Parenting:
Empowered Caregivers, Empowered Kids

Say goodbye to power struggles forever! At its core, Julie's work emphasizes mutual respect, autonomy, and freedom for both caregivers and children.  Anarchist parenting challenges conventional parenting paradigms by advocating for a more decentralized and collaborative approach to child-rearing. This workshop provides a safe and open space for participants to share experiences and learn practical strategies for implementing alternative parenting principles  in their own lives.

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Build Your Own Workshop

Strengthen your skills by designing a custom training with Julie. Whether you’re looking for expertise on collaborating with young people, creating immersive and participatory theatre, or developing community engagement strategies, Julie will craft a tailored program that suits your unique needs. With her wealth of experience and passion for empowering youth in the arts, Julie is your key to unlocking new realms of creativity and impact in your work.

Build Your Own Workshop

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