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The Van Gogh Cafe

A story in five courses

Adapted by Andrew J. Lampl from the book by Cynthia Rylant

Ten-year-old Clara knows that anything can happen at the Van Gogh Cafe, a small roadside diner owned by her father Marc.  At the Van Gogh Cafe, it’s not a question of if magic will happen — but when. This unique experience puts the audience right in the middle of the magic cafe, complete with a five course meal.

Created in partnership with Community Tavern and Fannie’s Cafe and Bakery

Commissioned by Filament Theatre

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Chicago Theatre Review

“Ritchey cultivates a playfulness, sweeping us along as benevolent possums dangle from the light fixtures and wayward seagulls snatch up our pita bread, as the cast creates epic spectacles though the simplest of devices… You feel welcome, well fed in body and soul, and a part of a bright and shining world that is nothing short of magical.”

Creative Team and Production History

Commissioned in 2018 by Filament Theatre in Chicago, IL.

Conceived and directed by Julie Ritchey

Adapted by Andrew J. Lampl

Produced by Christian Libonati

Noël Huntzinger (Costume Design), Eleanor Kahn (Environment Design), Michael Huey (Sound Design), Joey Beato (Chef).

Original Cast: Aissa Guerra (Clara), Jose Nateras (Marc), Lindsey Dorcus (Kathleen and Others), Alex Ireys (Ray and Others), Kristina Loy (Judy and Others), and Rejinal Simon (Roy and Others)

The Van Gogh Cafe was remounted in 2019 at Fannie's Cafe, with a new menu by Stephanie Laxner.

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