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Small Planets

a play for babies and their caregivers

Co-created with Georgette Kelly

Small Planets invites babies and their caregivers to become intergalactic co-pilots on a journey through a universe where everyone is new. They will visit different planets through imaginative, collaborative play involving all five senses. During this shared adventure, carers will find opportunities to see their babies as leaders and inspirations. Designed specifically for the youngest among us (0 - 10 months), Small Planets is an aesthetic, sensory, and somatic experience that honors the emotions and wisdom of both babies and adults.


PerformInk Chicago

"Director and creator Julie Ritchey is either totally in tune with her inner child or has children whose faces she’s seen light up when opening gifts and holding the empty boxes with joy at the prospect of what they can do...There are two play ambassadors introducing new elements to the room periodically, but other than that there are no actors, there are no smoke and mirrors and much ado, no expensive costumes and make-up—just the potential of unlimited worlds created by you and your children. "

Development History

2024 - Dead Puppet Society Lab and Academy

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