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a play about finding our way back together

Co-written with Julia Lederer
Finalist for the Canadian Playwrights' Guild Best New Play for Young Audiences

“There’s something I want to show you…”  This is a  story of a town full of cottages, and neighbors, and probably even someone you know. When a snowstorm empties the streets, forcing everyone to stay inside, everything begins to turn distant and cold. Words vanish for a librarian, food loses taste for a chef, and a mail carrier has no mail to deliver. Two brave adventurers want to help bring the town back together again, but first they will need to find one another. 


Created with a team of youth collaborators based on their experiences of isolation and connection, Gather is a play about closing distances and learning to really see each other again.

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Chicago Reader

“An original production that brings this hopeful and expansive feeling to its audience in delightful and authentic ways.”

Creative Team and Production History

Gather was commissioned by Filament Theatre and premiered in Chicago, IL in January 2022.

The original creative team was as follows:


Director: Julie Ritchey

Stage Manager: Monica M. Brown

Assistant Stage Manager: Tess C. Naval

Producer: Reji Simon

Production Teaching Artist: Molly Bunder

Assistant Production Teaching Artist: Kristin Hammargren

Associate Director: Sarah Hecht

Assistant Director: Zuri Gilbert

Scenic Designer: Amy C. Gilman

Properties Designer: Mariah Bennett

Costume Designer: Noël Huntzinger

Lighting Designer: Ellie Humphrys

Sound Designer: Willow James

Actors: Chris Acevedo and Erika Wilson

Understudies: Olivia Jackson and Caroline Watson


Gather was created with the guidance, support, and creativity of the following Youth Collaborators:


Alex Rovani, Alice Longnecker, Alina Cooper, Amelia Holly, Amelia Sladek, Analiah Flores, Anjali Kaur Aakre, Arlo McGaughey, Carlos Zamorano-Cruz, Carter Daniels, Carys Zeiger, Charles Keeble, Eden Pave, Ellie Baldwin, Elsa Wulff, Emilia Martinez, Hayden Egan, Hazel Elsberg, Jackson Unander, Jocelyn Friedman, Josephine Gallo, Lucca McGaughey, Lucien

Strong, Mabel Johnston, Mariam Syed-Shah, Marlo Miller- Smulski, Maya Booth, Milos Prisic, Nathan Chong, Ollie Reyes, Olivia Martinez, Olivia Schleman, Reva Arora, Sidney Dinham,

Vivian Siebel Johnson, Willa Zatzenbloom, Willow Astra Schleman, Zuri Gilbert, and the student participants in the Filament Theatre Residencies at Murphy Elementary School and Belding Elementary School.

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