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Farewell Opportunity

By Georgette Kelly

In June 2018, Halley visits the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab and meets the Opportunity Mars rover. The two have something in common: a curious spirit and a shortened life-expectancy. Halley and the NASA scientist in charge of the Mars mission find themselves transformed by an unlikely friendship—with each other, and with a rolling robot millions of miles away. With poetic language and magical realism, Farewell Opportunity explores the question “How do you keep on roving when you—or someone you love—faces a dust storm that threatens to block out the sun?”


Audience Member

"Wonderful. Brilliant."

Production History

Farewell Opportunity was commissioned by Filament Theatre.


Kennedy Center New Visions/New Voices (2020)

Beacon Academy (2022)

Creative Team for Beacon Academy Workshop Production

Producer: Emmi Hilger

Costume Design: Briana Niven

Scenic Design: Eleanor Kahn

Sound Design: Jeffrey Levin

Lighting Design: Cat Davis

Photo credit: Anthony Aicardi

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